Equipment Accessible for Rent with our Studio

    Canon 5D mark iv (with or without operator)

    Blackmagic 6k pro (with or without operator)

    Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder (great for live streaming)

    Lens package

    Canon 24 to 70

    Canon 24 to 105

    Canon 50 mm

    Sigma 10 to 20mm

    Canon 70 to 200mm

    Canon 100mm

    Laowa F/14 Probe for Canon EF

    Manfrotto Studio tripod

    Manfrotto Portable tripod

    Manfrotto Monopod with hand grip

    8 feet Jib

    Hollyland 300 Wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver X2

    Hard drives - 1TB SSD

    Card readers – USB / USB C

    AV Pro Coast 2.0 X2 (for Blackmagic 6K Pro)

    Interview 3 Point Lighting package.

    Lighting grip packages

    Lights - x2 Bi-color round with battery 21’

    RGB Handheld Led video light

    RGB video light small

    Light panel x2 flexible 11.8” x 20.9”

    Light Panel x4 flexible 3’x1’

    SL-60W X3 Led continuous video lights w/barn door/reflectors

    Single Scrims 24" x 36"

    Soft pop-out foldable diffuser 5X7’

    Soft pop-out foldable diffuser 6X4’

    4 in 1 pop-out Backdrop 5x6’

    Studio Conical spot snoot

    Studio focusing lens w/bowens mount

    GOBO Set

    White Seamless Diffusion Fabric 2 yard x 60”

    Snoot w/ honeycomb grid

    Tripod Boom Light with boom arm

    Light stand - W/castors 2.4’

    Grip stand with extension arm

    Light stand - Manfrotto 8’

    Light stands - 6’

    Light stands - 7’

    Teleprompter 17” split beam glass (with or without operator).

    7” Portable on camera monitor

    17” portable monitor (used also for Teleprompter).

    50” tv monitor on rolling stand.

    Gimbel - DJI 8lbs

    Slider - Motorized (32”)

    Slider - Manual (23”)

    Slider - professional grade Slider system

    Tripod rolling wheels

    Headphones - Pro

    Mixer 10 channels

    Microphone Shock mount Holder

    Portable recorder

    XLR cables

    Mike stand with extension

    Shure sm58 dynamic microphone

    Audio-Technica shotgun mic

    Boom arm for shotgun microphone

    Audio-Technica lavalier (set)

    Computer – desktop

    Computer – laptop

    S-Type flash Holders

    Softbox parabolic quick release 47.2”

    Softbox parabolic quick release 33”

    Table Top 12” x 12” B/W reflector

    Electric motorized rotating display stand 10”

    47.2” Octagon Softbox x2

    Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro 4 channel live switcher

    StreamDeck mk2

    Sound blankets

    Extension cords

    Slate – clapboard


    (Billed according to usage)

    Round folding table 32”

    Rectangle folding table (s)

    Sony batteries – NP F970 small and large format

    Fog Machine

    Rycote Undercover Lavalier Wind Covers

    (Billed according to usage)

    Photography Background Paper (white/black/grey) 107×36’

    Gaffer Tape

    Batteries AA and AAA

    Fog fluid (500ml)

    Foam board 20” x 30”

    (Billed according to usage)

    Crew available for hire. Call to inquire.


    Need things done quickly? For your convenience, our team at Cinemetrix Media can prepare the studio before your arrival!

    Our dedicated crew will ensure that the studio is fully set up for your shoot, complete with all the necessary equipment such as cameras, lighting, tripods, microphones, and other video and audio gear. We'll also arrange the space to suit your specific requirements, including setting up backdrops, chairs, tables, and everything you need to get started. If you've reserved any additional equipment, like a teleprompter or green screen, rest assured that we'll have them ready for you upon arrival (rental rates will apply).


    If you require guidance regarding the equipment selection or studio rental, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@cinemetrixmedia.com or by phone at 416 444 7004.