Allocating production schedule for Product Commercial | Behind the scenes

Behind every project, an enormous amount of time is spent producing it.. When creating a great product video only 5% of the time is spent actually shooting it. Well, for me anyways this is how it goes: when a project comes my way I spend about 70% of the time getting to know everything about that p..

Professional Product Commercial | Behind the scenes

How I made a PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT COMMERCIAL in my small studio with minimal equipment. For the past few years we at Cinemetrix Media have mainly focused on events, corporate and commercial videos involving live action and people. I didn't realize how incredibly challenging and at the same time gra..

Top 3 B2B Video Marketing Trends: Transform your Advertising in 2021

Remember HP’s Dear Future Me video campaign back in 2020?  By using the arts of animation and cinematography, HP created an emotional flow of heartening stories revealing how six high school graduates each wrote a letter to themselves, back in sixth grade. Now that we’ve gone through one-..

Key Differences Between Motion Graphic and Animation

Video content is not only a significant addition to the marketing plan but a crucial factor when it comes to digital marketing. 82% of web content is expected to be videos up to 2022, 15 times higher than in 2017. Video content also comes 50 times higher than plain text to perform the organic search..

Key Areas of Promotional Video Production

This century of innovation, imagination and successful integration has transformed the world into something more interactive. In order to promote a video to a wide audience, this is important. Cinemetrix Media, a corporate video production company in Toronto has helped many local businesses with the..

Why Production Companies Need Virtual Plant Tours

A plant tour for several production firms is one of the most important promotional tools, from a desire to choice in a sales funnel for prospective customers. To distinguish itself from its rivals by communicating: What do they do (skills, technology, expertise) How do they do it (personne..

Revamp Your Content Marketing Strategy with Video Production

Consider the latest research on the efficiency of video content marketing in the world, the US, and Canada. We focus on Marketing Managers to determine the importance of video content in relation to other forms of content marketing and make decisions in the development of intelligent video, and to j..

Best Ways to Create Engaging Video for a Business

Video creation designed for marketing a brand is trending now. What are conventional TV commercials all about? Simply put, it is storytelling in the form of video. The more compelling your video content is, the higher chances it will have to get noticed. After all, getting noticed by the maximum num..

Why Do You Need Testimonial Videos for Your Business?

Professionally produced testimonial videos are a great opportunity to get your business and brand promoted.It helps your customers speak about the positive interactions they have with you, your team and your brand. A testimonial video is a view that a customer shares how well their experience with y..

Golden Rules to Create the Most Accessible Video

Accessible video production will significantly expand its scope as well as usability. Sadly, a part of video production that is often ignored, accessibility does not have to add considerable time or cost, especially when it has to be created from scratch. Currently, with reputable video production c..