3 Tips for a Compelling Health & Wellness Corporate Video

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In recent years, throughout such an unprecedented period of health toll, consumers have developed a sustained interest in investing in a healthy lifestyle, resulted in increased sales of health and wellness products.

According to Google, the trend shows no signs of slowing down even in 2021, with a 21 percent increase in searches in the health and fitness category since 2020. As consumers become more cautious in their daily routines, there is no doubt that the heat for health-related concerns will not abate anytime soon.

In order to stand out in a lucrative and competitive market, marketers should leverage corporate videos as a helpful tool for showcasing a brand’s profile and highlighting its personality.

If you’re looking for creative ideas to incorporate in your health and wellness corporate video strategies, here are the top 3 tips.

No 1 – Showcase the “human” aspect

Keeping the body healthy is one of the top priorities for customers when it comes to choosing the right product. 

It’s the need of achieving their ultimate wellness goals that create the ever-growing demand for the health and wellness market. Whenever we see a health brand showing up constantly on our social media feed, we believe that they know the keys to access their consumers’ minds and authentically connect as a person to another.

If you’re using top-funnel marketing strategies, it means your brand is trying to increase outreach and nurture relationships with the target audience. By highlighting your brand’s unique personality and using it in health and wellness corporate videos, you’ll be able to attract and engage the right audience into your marketing strategies. 

In case you’re looking for tips to show your brand’s personality effectively, check out our blog post here.

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No 2 – Educate your audience

Another way to consider in your health and wellness corporate video production is to give the viewers scientific knowledge. As customers, we now have the power to learn and consume information within a few touches on our phones or laptops. 

What’s more, according to Google, in 2019 alone, 7% percent of the daily searches are health-related which transformed into almost 1 billion questions per day. This demonstrates the significance of consumers’ understanding of how their bodies work and what solutions are available.

This leads us to our next point: be prepared to explain complex medical concepts that capture the essence of your brand. Allowing the audience to keep up with your technologies or services can help them understand quickly the solutions you provide.

There are many ways for you to break down those scientific facts and processes into understandable pillars:

  • Use animated video production methods to visually guide the audience
  • Add numbers to tell the whole story of why your brand is providing the services
  • Include on-site interviews of the people who are working behind the scenes
  • Create a Q&A video to debunk any misconceptions and further educate the audience

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No 3 – Send an “awareness” message in the video

What do you think when it comes to “awareness”?

The word has some weight to it, and we always see it in the media globally. Every business has goals, and one of them will most likely be related to sustainability and awareness.

For us, we see it as no surprise for brands that are trying to help consumers improve their health and wellness. The reason behind this is we believe in their potential to bring out the message using their field expertise and experience.

Nowadays, relevance is key, and throughout the current pandemic, it has become the top priority for any business strategy. When brands join the conversation with others on #awareness days and provide related information on the issues, they are proving that they, too, can be a trustworthy source that the community refers to.

Especially on social media, not only will it help them to attract interest, but it also makes the customers feel more connected and believe more in their loyalty.

To have an example, check out this video below! We love how simple and meaningful this video ad from CAMH is on its subject of suicide prevention.

On the other hand, awareness is good for businesses. At the end of the day, it’s the person behind the screen that you are trying to reach. When it comes to health and wellness, that person is either a patient, a field expert, or a professional who wants to know all about the current cutting-edge technology.

You never know where they’ll be watching the videos. It might be with friends, family members, or other patients.

If it’s a professional environment, we do recommend that you go with a minimal and straightforward direction. If it’s a family-friendly setting, it’s advised to choose colorful animated characters and a long story for the audience to enjoy.

Looking for an example? Have a look at this animated film video that Bupa UK created using storytelling and beautifully animated characters. By sparking curiosity and emotion from the audience, it successfully amassed more than 1 million views on Youtube alone.

Get ready to upscale your health and wellness corporate videos with us!

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