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We’re a Creative Bunch

We work as a team to bring you cohesive and exciting results instead of dividing tasks and working independently. We believe in working together and each department being involved during all stages of production.

We go Above & Beyond

We are constantly looking for new ways to aid our customers needs. We believe in providing the absolute best and the highest quality video production. And we do this for some of the most competitive costs in the industry.

Meet the Team Behind the Play Button

Steve Dazzi Creative Director

Armed with over 20 years of industry experience, Steve has dabbled in everything from DOP to editing and now primarily focuses on directing and producing. Steve has the ability to thrive in any situation and goes the extra mile to bring excellence and vision to all his clients.

Tom Di Risio Head of Relations

Tom has the innate ability to know what our clients are looking for and delivers on all of his promises. He is a no-holds-barred kind of guy and will go to great lengths to satisfy his clients needs during all stages of production.

Pretey Maru Associate Producer

Pretey is a highly efficient and creative associate producer who enjoys taking on new challenges. We can count on her to always be looking for new ways to connect with our clients, and show them all of the amazing resources we have to offer.

Rob Gallo Producer

Rob had successfully ran a business in audio production for many years and has since teamed up with Cinemetrix Media to create exceptional corporate videos. Rob is a man of Integrity and ethics who sure knows how to keep our clients happy and always engaged.

We Are Only As Good As The People Around Us.

CINEMETRIX MEDIA partners up with some of the most trusted professionals in the industry. Based on your needs and the scope of your production we can assemble a team ranging from award-winning cinematographers, seasoned editors and motion graphic artists to a more cost effective option with our trusted junior team of videographers, editors, animators etc. No matter what the production size we promise to deliver high-end work that gets noticed every time.

What Does Cinemetrix Media Offer?


Years of experience in developing creative stories that fit your budget and exceeds your expectations.


Expert advice on concept development, script writing, casting, and more.


In-depth knowledge of the gear we use on every shoot.

Tell us all about your project! I bet we can help. One of our producers can get a quote to you within 24 hours.

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