6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video

  1. Video Is Popular

The popularity of video content has continued to blow up. Nowadays, everyone loves a good video. The dominant social video platform YouTube gets billions of views daily! If you want to promote your brand in a fun, informative and visually stimulating way, no other medium does it better than video.

  1. Video Lets You Get Personal

Videos give you the platform to add a personal touch and humanize your brand. Your customers want to know you; they put their trust in people more than in companies. Videos boost your chances of building personal relationships, as opposed to merely selling something.

3. Videos Are Highly Shareable

Think about how many viral videos you’ve watched over just the past week. How can you exploit this trend for your business? Trumping written content or static imagery by leaps and bounds, video content serves to generate a lot of buzz around your business. What’s more, distribution platforms allow easy sharing for content in video formats. So, for those of you looking for a quick and reliable way to promote your business, video content from a reputed video production company in Toronto is pretty much your best bet.

  1. Videos Are Optimized For Mobile Devices

Look around you, everyone’s on their smartphones or tablets! A high percentage of them are engrossed in videos. On top of that, it has been seen that the consumer’s buying journey more and more favors mobile devices. Everyone is browsing through products on their smartphones, collecting information, selecting the stores they want to visit, and even making purchases.

  1. Search Engines Love Videos

Simply publishing your content online is not enough. Consumers need to be able to find it! Search engines assess video content as high-quality and extremely relevant, which allows them to rank higher than static blog posts or articles. Bottom line, video boosts your SEO status!

  1. Video Is Both Educational And Engaging

If you need to educate people about your business or product, video is often your best tool. As a format, videos can simultaneously explain, give details and entertain your customers. Besides, with videos, you get to leverage a combination of both audio messaging and visual cues to drive your message across.


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