Delivering Effective Personalized Video: Top 3 Tips for Businesses

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Memories tell the stories of our lives. Now, it’s easier to remember them with the help of social media, specifically through a personalized video.

For a while, we’ve seen how Facebook caught our attention with animated videos that remind us of our past memories. Along with the aid of technology, a personalized video soon became a “gift” and took the spotlight with the power of customization.

The process of creating such personalized “gifts” involves using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data. It’s simply a way for brands to stay relevant by targeting individuals or even a company with posted information.

In 2020, customization became an essential factor in reaching out to customers effectively. According to Campaign Monitor, some brands have recorded an 8x improvement in click-through rates with a personalized video versus standard outbound email campaigns.

Before getting into the production stage, consider these best practices as a way to deliver a qualified personalized video. Businesses can stand out by applying this video type to their communication strategies.

Practice #1 – Event Invitation

Getting those customized invites ready are important. All the time in our inbox, we’re likely to see an email that starts with “You’re Invited!”. For businesses who are having special sales promotion hours, a product launch, or an online webinar, we recommend that you use personalized videos in your marketing strategies. 

According to Evergage, 98% of marketers agree that personalization helps to advance customer relationships. Due to customized invitations, customers feel the respect that they have long wanted to hear. This later reflects the goals that marketers try to reach: to gain attention from the audience and increase their brand loyalty.

There are many ways to incorporate invitations in email campaigns:

  • Tickets Sales – customers’ names should be included on the front of online tickets.
  • Landing page – you can use customers’ names on the visuals of a landing page to encourage signups or increase website traffic
  • Demo sessions – creative tutorial videos can help customers visualize the use of specific products and connect those with the needs in their minds.

personalized video through a gmail screenPhoto by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Practice #2 – Explainer Videos

Next on the list, we have explainer videos. They are short clips that mainly introduce a product or service. For B2B businesses, this is an opportunity for marketers to impress their potential clients. Furthermore, it also shows the product’s insights in a creative way.

As 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or a service through videos (breadnbeyond), explainer videos can be a useful sales aid for businesses to address the challenges that their prospects encounter.

So, what makes a great personalized explainer video?

A personalized explainer video needs both visuals and relevance. In the first few seconds, whether it can catch the viewers’ eyes or not depends on these factors:

  1. Target audience: To get started, we need to have a clear prospect in mind as the video should be able to address the target audience with relevant content. 
  2. Creative Message: A clear call-to-action is what you’re looking for to  persuade the audience with success
  3. Visuals: A good video should have an appropriate number of visual components such as texts and graphics. You wouldn’t want your audience to have difficulty understanding the main message.
  4. Voice and pitch: If the video includes a narrator, his/her voice should be crisp as you wouldn’t want the viewers to get confused with the wording.

Let’s take a look at Barclays’ Personalised Lending Video in which the brand was able to demonstrate how Barclays service would help a customer named “Clare” to increase her loan amount. With the expertise shown through entertaining and joyful visuals, Barclays quickly drew the customer’s attention to the narrator who was explaining ways that service can help in meaningful situations.

Video by Barclays

Practice #3 – Follow-up videos

Finally, thank you (or follow-up) videos are critical in winning your target customers’ hearts. If you’re looking for a way to thank your customers for their loyalty, look no further than follow-up videos.

For businesses, supporting customers after their purchases helps in terms of increasing brand loyalty and satisfaction. Besides announcements, showing appreciation for a customer’s personal journey with a video of highlights creates a sense of accomplishment for that target customer.

Here’s an example of how Nike, back in 2014, “Your Year with Nike+”, was able to wow its customers by showing their exercise journey in which the data was taken from the personal fitness app. The whole video captured the app users’ goals and mapped them with their achievements. As a result, it attracted new downloads to the app within the next year.

Video by Nike

Get Ready For Personalized Video with Cinemetrix

Above all, this video trend helps improve efficiency through direct marketing channels of emails and websites. With our expertise, Cinemetrix provides high-quality Toronto video services that effectively capture customer-centric stories for brands to tell.

Looking to pivot on personalized videos? Don’t hesitate to leave us a note and get contacted by one of our experts.

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