Key Differences Between Motion Graphic and Animation

Video content is not only a significant addition to the marketing plan but a crucial factor when it comes to digital marketing. 82% of web content is expected to be videos up to 2022, 15 times higher than in 2017. Video content also comes 50 times higher than plain text to perform the organic search. This is why video production company in Toronto has become so much popular; it is because of the huge demand for business promotion.

Although marketing videos can take various forms, computer processing has been demonstrated as an efficient way to catch the attention of the audience quickly. You can also simplify complicated concepts and make fantastic videos.

Many consumers who are searching for a video production company in Toronto also use the words “motion graphics” and “animation.” Even if they are very similar, some variations remain, one is the other’s subgroup.

Motion Graphics 

The graphics of motion can be described as graphic animation. It is a kind of animation that gives a bit of life and energy with motion and sound to otherwise static elements like words.

By partnering with a video production company in Toronto for motion graphics, you can communicate effectively with your audience and add to your message.

However, it is important to note that animated products exist in many different types. Action is not always motion graphics to incorporate static characters.


The animation is a method used to achieve the illusion of motion by successive sketches and models by a video production company in Toronto. These videos are then played as a smooth flowing video in fast succession.

It works because the human eye holds an image for 1/16 seconds. The use of images to create an illusion of motion or to make animated videos is successful. The brain views these pictures as a single moving image while playing in short succession.

The animation is broad and involves numerous styles, including motion graphics, vector animation, and CGI animation. What makes these subsets difficult to differentiate is that they are closely connected and identical techniques can be used to construct them.

Best Use of Animation 

In recent years there has been a rise of custom animated corporate videos. In the coming years, this trend is expected to continue until the video becomes the dominant source of online content. And animation has proved highly successful within the category of video content, as it not only attracts interest but also engages viewers. This can include motion pictures as well as conventional animations.

Best Use of Motion Graphics 

It is flexible and this is the best thing about motion graphics according to a video production company in Toronto. Therefore, you don’t have to constantly pick between motion graphics and other animated styles. Motion graphics can easily be integrated into various animation types, enabling you to take advantage of various styles.

There are various animation styles and each animation is suitable for specific applications. Motion graphics, for example, are perfect if anything unique needs to be illustrated. Tell your story and build an emotional bond with your viewers.

Ultimately, what you choose should depend on what you plan to achieve. Custom animated corporate videos are ideal for brand awareness purposes.

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