Revamp Your Content Marketing Strategy with Video Production

Consider the latest research on the efficiency of video content marketing in the world, the US, and Canada. We focus on Marketing Managers to determine the importance of video content in relation to other forms of content marketing and make decisions in the development of intelligent video, and to justify stronger investments in business videos.

 You aren’t alone if you’re thinking of greater investment in Video production company Toronto. The Content Marketing Institute recently published its “B2C Content Marketing – 2018 Metrics, Budgets, and Patterns for North America” in partnership with Marketing Professionals. They are focused on 195 B2C interviewees from all over North America. The survey reveals that B2C marketers use pre-produced videos as their second choice for general products, actively used by an astounding 76% of the marketers surveyed.

 It is surprising that the Video production company Toronto has not yet had the greatest impact on marketers in B2B. But, as we will see later, is rapidly growing, particularly in niche B2B sectors such as manufacturing. In a similar study conducted in 2018 by 870 B2B marketers, pre-produced videos are the third most common form of content for B2B marketers. Nevertheless, in the 2019 CMI follow up report, we find that A/V content grows fastest across all forms of content, with 64% of B2B Marketing Managers showing a rise in A/V content such as videos. But we hope B2B managers don’t have to hit their B2C counterparts for video content much before its time.

 B2B Marketing for Manufacturing with Video 

Finally, 2018 CMI video marketing figures, focused on 155 manufacturing niche marketing managers, consider video like the one most efficient form of content to promote production organizations? achievement in advance of the old stalwart companies including Blogging, Case Studios and Whitepaper.

 Types of Videos That Dominate the Market 

Video marketers’ styles obviously rely on Video production company Toronto and their sector’s particular requirements, so I’m not going to cover this in-depth. Here are some recent statistics of investments for video marketing and the most common types of videos:

  • Product Videos – 63%
  • Webinar Recordings – 45%
  • Explainer Videos – 54%
  • Product Demo Videos – 59%
  • How-to/ Educational Videos – 42%
  • Livestreams – 24%
  • Social Media Videos – 38%
  • Vlogs – 13%
  • Customer Videos – 37%
  • Culture Videos – 23%

To help you and your company take full advantage of the video contents trend, contact the video production company Toronto because it can help you meet the goal. Let’s empower your business allowing this trend to make changes.

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