Social Distance Production: Doing Our Part To Keep You Safe

The onslaught of COVID-19 continues to hit businesses across the globe. The video production industry is one of the industries that have taken a massive hit. As they employ a substantial number of people, it is essential that these industries resume operations, albeit in a safe manner.

Ordinarily it is this very atmosphere of interchange between talent, crew members and everyone else on the set that frequently makes for a high-caliber production. In light of the current global Covid-19 crisis, here are simple steps that a video production company in Toronto can take to diminish day-to-day risks and stay safe.

Reduce In-Person Contact

Regardless of the slew of precautionary measures you set in motion, for instance, disinfecting filming environments, monitoring staff for symptoms, wearing a mask and so on, reducing in-person contact must be given the top-most priority. Rewriting scenes to allow for social distancing and even using green-screen compositing where possible are some strategies you can employ.

Carry Out Daily Equipment Disinfection

Video production involves the use of an enormous amount of equipment. You need to ensure that all gear, right from backdrops and cameras to lighting rigs gets disinfected before and after use.

Excessive though it may appear, it’s better to err on the side of caution.

Remote Work Collaboration

As your top priority remains the health and safety of your employees and clients, you can easily carry on your work remotely. Video revisions, tweaks and effects can be carried out in complete coordination and collaboration with your client using videoconferencing technology like Zoom, Skype and so on. While working remotely, a seamless file-sharing ecosystem enables streamlined access to all your important data.

Provide Online Training For COVID-19 Best Practices

As a video production company in Toronto, before you commence operations, avoid any possibility of misinformation within your team by enrolling your team in an online training course. The WHO’s Covid-19 related online courses can be a strong prevention tool. Ensure that all participants are updated on the best practices for keeping the work area safe.

You can take advantage of these tips to keep all your employee’s safe on-set.

So, what precautionary measures are you currently using? For more information you can contact us and speak with one of our producers.

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