Top 3 B2B Video Marketing Trends: Transform your Advertising in 2021

Remember HP’s Dear Future Me video campaign back in 2020? 

By using the arts of animation and cinematography, HP created an emotional flow of heartening stories revealing how six high school graduates each wrote a letter to themselves, back in sixth grade.

Now that we’ve gone through one-third of this exciting year, it’s undeniable how video marketing has evolved into an ultimate weapon for marketers to utilize in go-to-market strategies. 

According to the Wyzowl State of Video Marketing survey 2021, more than 87% of marketers acknowledged that videos bring a good Return on Investment (ROI) to businesses.

Within the “New Normal” context, Toronto video production services are expected to come in high demand. More than ever, it’s important for businesses to embrace the digital platforms and strategies that will help them with their marketing and sales initiatives. 

The following video marketing trends are important to keep in mind when communicating an effective business message.

No 1: Increasing use of live streaming videos

Every day, here at Cinemetrix, we talk with our clients about the popularity of real-time video in terms of driving customers’ engagement.

Out of many video services, this type of video is not completely new. However, with the momentum coming from the pandemic in 2020, it has become a popular choice for marketers in the B2B environment.

According to IAB, around 67% of consumers were streaming live video worldwide by the end of 2018. That being said, this trend of video marketing has continued to impress marketers in terms of its efficiency in delivering key brand messages.

The audience loves interacting with their influencers, and this is now a norm for brands to invest in online webinars. With the aid of social media and a recent famous platform for streaming, Vimeo Livestream, numerous businesses are given opportunities to promote their brands widely for global customers.

No. 2: Transform experiences with 360 Virtual Reality (VR) videos

Another category of video services that marketers should turn their heads to is the 360 virtual reality type.

Over time, we are seeing how this technology helps brands attain a higher online engagement in which 360-degree Creatives Get 200% More Engagement Than Regular Photos (Victoria Petrock).

Other than the travel and real estate industries, many companies also use this innovative type of video to promote their products and services while expanding their borders by incorporating virtual reality into the production process.

So what makes this type of video special?

Because of the advancement in filming techniques, 360 videos started to go mainstream which later led to a new creative way for businesses to communicate with their customers. As a result, a brand can have the advantage by showing the full content of how a product or service can perform in particular situations. 

With 360 VR tech, it provides an immersive storytelling experience that can help businesses both attract a large pool of consumers and elevate their communication strategies to yield better results.

For example, one of the most luxurious high-fashion brands, Prada, has recently made use of 360 VR technology into showcasing their latest fashion show in a unique way called VR Making of Man Shoes.

No. 3: A big hit called “animated videos”

How many times do you find yourself searching for motion visuals to satisfy the need for instructions?

Under new circumstances, if the pandemic has limited the capacity of on-site video production, the animation is an actionable practice that can still take place using the same storytelling technique.

Animation is in best use when it’s incorporated in explainer type of videos. Not only do they win by having the aesthetic pleasing to the eyes, but they also win by their efficiency in delivering educational-purposes content across various platforms. Some of the most common types of animation explainer video include:

  • Technology product or service usage guidance
  • Businesses’ recruitment campaign
  • Storytelling promotional advertisement

Take a look at how one of our clients, OneShield Software, used 2D animation to explain the Mapping of the Ultimate Digital CX Journey. Throughout the video, each piece of graphics has been carefully crafted to translate the meanings of the spoken words. This helps the audience to focus on the technical terms while feeling entertained by animated designs.

Transform your video marketing NOW with Cinematrix

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