What is Green Screen Production?

A green screen refers to an enormous green backdrop placed in the background of a shoot. During the post-production, professionals add special effects and edit the backdrop from green to any colour or scenario.

Whether for weather broadcasting or cutting down costs for travelling, a green screen is essential. In Toronto, we have a well-equipped green screen studio to take care of everything - from supplying camera equipment to post production.

Why Choose a Green Screen Studio in Toronto?

Rent our green screen services, and create any project you have in mind. From photo shoots to YouTube video ads, corporate videos to music videos, monologues to how-to videos, customer testimonials to product descriptions, we are here to help.

At our green screen studio rental in Toronto, let your imagination flow. Our professionals will help you reach your full potential by visually impressive content. You will save you time and money by getting rid of the hassle of looking for the right location for your production. Hence, this helps to keep costs down and make the whole production cost-effective.

If you would like more information on our green screen studio or portable backdrop options please CONTACT US today to get started.